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GEM Pourquoi GEM

Why Drive GEM?

  • Fully Configurable
  • Un confort exceptionnel
  • Plus de dispositifs de sécurité de série
  • Énergie entièrement électrique
Caractéristiques en matière de confort du GEM

Confort : Parce que ce qui vous transporte est important

Whether you're running errands or cruising around the neighborhood, GEM vehicles are designed with standard comfort features to deliver an unforgettable ride.

Sièges réglables

Give passengers a personalized feeling of comfort with adjustable sliding seats.


Experience a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain with almost 6" of suspension travel.

Espace supplémentaire pour les jambes

Seat a 6'8" passenger comfortably in the spacious cab with 43" of available legroom.


Make effortless turns with optional Electronic Power Steering.

Volant inclinable réglable

Drive confidently with a steering wheel that's easily adjusted to your preferences.

Portes étanches à l'eau

Adventure year-round by adding doors. GEM's door seal design is engineered for a weather-tight cab.

Caractéristiques en matière de sécurité du GEM

Sécurité : Parce que vous transportez plus que des bâtons de golf

As a low-speed vehicle (LSV), GEM is held to a higher standard than the typical golf cart. GEM exceeds LSV safety standards through several features including an Occupant Protection System (OPS) that is roof crush certified.

Three-Point Seat Belts

Ensure street-legal security on the road with three-point seat belts.

Pneus pour la route et pare-brise en verre automobile

Traverse roads confidently with street tires and an automotive glass windshield that offers protection from the elements.

Feux de freinage et clignotants

Inform other drivers of your next move with LED brake lights and turn signals.

Safe Design

GEM vehicles feature a roll resistant frame and an Occupant Protection System (OPS) that is roof crush certified to SAE J2358 Standards.

DOT Compliance

GEM vehicles have safety features that are approved by the US Department of Transportation.

Peut légalement rouler sur la voie publique

GEM vehicles are street-legal on roads up to 35 mph in most states.

Caractéristiques en matière de durabilité du GEM

Sustainability: Because Leaving a Small Footprint Makes a Big Impact

Operating an all-electric GEM benefits the planet and your bank account with an average cost of operation of $0.03 per mile. **

Source d’alimentation électrique
Les GEM sont 100 % électriques.
Performance de qualité

A sustainable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality, GEM vehicles can seat up to six people.

Éliminer l'anxiété en ce qui concerne l’autonomie

Choose from an array of battery options that vary by range, cost, and level of maintenance.

Caractéristiques de personnalisation du GEM

Fully Configurable: Because Your GEM Should Fit Your Style

GEM offers hundreds of configurable options, so you can build a vehicle that fits your needs and your personality.

Premium Paint Colors

Express yourself through a selection of gloss and matte exterior paint colors.

Full-Back Premium Upholstery

Elevate your seat with a selection of high-end vegan leather fabrics and a thoughtful seat design.

Panoramic Sky Roof

Enjoy an expansive view from the smoked modified acryllic roof that spans the entire length of the vehicle.

** Coût de l’électricité basé sur le prix moyen de l’électricité (par kWh) aux États-Unis. Coûts moyens basés sur des études indépendantes.