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Polaris Protection Plan Purchase

Polaris provides the option to purchase a Polaris Protection Plan on all new GEM vehicle sales. You can purchase a plan from any participating GEM Dealer. A Polaris Protection Plan covers major components on the vehicle and offers protection against major mechanical breakdowns.

Price varies by model and term length. The following is a visualization of coverage based on a two-year factory warranty. See your dealer.

Protection Plan term

Polaris Protection Agreement Declaration Page/Contract Paperwork:
You will receive a Polaris Protection Agreement at the time of purchase. An example of the declaration page can be found on under Terms and Conditions. You do not need to sign or return the contract, we recommend you keep a copy for your records. 

Promotional Polaris Protection Plans:
Products purchased from Polaris will at times be offered with a Protection Plan as a promotional or special offer. If you have questions about a promotional or special offer protection plan, your local or selling dealer is the best resource for questions. If you would like to extend a promotional or special offer Protection Plan, this can be done inside the Factory Warranty period at your local or selling dealer. 

Polaris Protection Plans can be purchased only while the vehicle is within the Factory Warranty period.

If you have any questions, please visit or call 877-472-1372

Canadian customers should see their Polaris Dealer for more information on purchasing a Polaris Protection Plan.

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