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GEM Replacement Keys

Replacement key blanks are available for GEM vehicles if you misplace a spare key. If both keys have been lost, you must replace the ignition. Contact your GEM dealer for ignition assistance. 

Model Year 2016 and Newer GEM e2, e4, e6 and eL XD
If your GEM is a late 2016 and newer GEM e2, e4, e6 or eL XD, a blank can be ordered from any GEM Dealer. The newest GEM body style is shown below.



The replacement key (part number 4016506) must be cut to match an existing key. To order a replacement key, see your dealer. Not all dealers are able to cut key blanks; Those blanks may need to be taken elsewhere to be cut. 

If both keys have been lost, the ignition must be replaced. The ignition switch is part number 4016457.

1999-2016 Classic Gem, All Models
If your GEM is an early 2016 (GEM Classic) model or older, you can obtain a replacement key by contacting Midwest Security Products directly at 800-767-6894 or visiting their website at You will need to provide the key code, which starts with GC and is followed by three digits. The key code is stamped on the key and lock cylinder on the vehicle. The key will arrive pre-cut and does not need to be matched to an existing key. If you lose both keys, a replacement can be ordered. Provide your GEM dealer with the key code found on the vehicle's lock cylinder to get a new key. 

The early 2016 and older GEM Classic body style is shown below.

GEM Classic

GEM eM1400, eM1400 LSV and Polaris M1400
Key blanks are available for these models that must be cut to match an original key. To order an extra or replacement key for your vehicle, please contact GEM customer service. Be prepared to provide your key number and VIN. A key can be duplicated by ordering a key blank (using your key number) and mating it with an existing key. Not all dealers are able to cut key blanks. Those blanks may need to be taken elsewhere to be cut.

To identify which series the key is, take the first two digits on the original key and refer to the chart below. The key switch must be replaced if all keys are lost. The key switch assembly is part number 4013084. See your GEM Dealer for assistance ordering and replacing the ignition. 

GEM replacement key

 Series Number   Part Number 
 20  4010278
 21  4010278
 22  4010321
 23  4010321
 27  4010321
 28  4010321
 31  4110141
 32  4110141
 67  4010278
 68  4010278

 The eM1400, eM1400 LSV and M1400 body styles are shown below.


To locate a GEM Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
Replacement ignitions and other service parts can found in the online parts catalog.

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