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The Smarter Way to Move™

The POLARIS® GEM® is a vehicle that’s positioned between a golf cart and a van or truck: greater comfort and more built-in safety features than a golf cart; more economical and sustainable than a van or truck. Delivering this unique combination of benefits makes GEM the smart solution for passenger and utility needs.

GEM® Passenger Vehicles

Designed with the passenger experience in mind, GEM offers premium comfort features such as extra legroom, superior suspension and an open air cab. Whether it's students and faculty going to class or tourists going to the beach, GEM provides the ideal ride.

GEM® e2
Starting at $10,299 US MSRP

The e2 offers the smallest footprint and most nimble performance, including a tight turn radius for limited spaces.

- 5 Battery/Range Options
- All LED Lighting w/ Optional Light Bar or Beacon
- Open and Closed Carrier Options

GEM® e4
Starting at $13,049 US MSRP

Stand out from typical golf carts with four forward facing back seats, 3 point safety belts, and plenty of legroom.

- 6 inches of Suspension Travel
- 5 Battery/Range Options
- Premium, Work and Cold Weather Packages

GEM® e6®
Starting at $16,049 US MSRP

This roomy vehicle for 6 has enhanced suspension that accomodates extra passengers without compromising comfort.

- 4 Battery/Range Options
- Fast Charging Available, Great for Shuttles!
- Optional Full Doors

GEM® Utility Vehicles

Count on GEM to get the job done efficiently, economically, and sustainably. GEM has zero emissions and lower operating costs than a gas-powered truck without a sacrifice in quality. Choose additional options to create the customized vehicles you need to maximize productivity.

Starting at $14,049 US MSRP

With a sturdy build and generous ground clearance, the eL XD is an optimal work vehicle. 

- 4 Battery/Range Options
- 70" x 48" flatbed
- 1,400 lbs Payload

GEM® eM® 1400 LSV
Starting at $12,049 US MSRP

This street legal vehicle is hardworking and provides 1,250 lbs of towing capacity and 1,400 lbs of payload capacity.

- Range of up to 45 miles
- 42" x 51" Steel Flatbed
- Manual or Electric Box Lift Options