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GEM Wheel Removal and Installation

Wheel Removal
Position your GEM vehicle on a dry, firm, level surface.

1. Set the park brake.

2. Turn the key OFF.

3. Block both the front and rear of the tire that is located diagonally opposite the jacking position. For example, if the right front tire is being changed, block the left rear wheel.

4. Use a small floor-style jack or low profile scissors jack only. Jack the vehicle only from the side of the vehicle, on the main frame rail, at the point where the tub or floor panel support and the main frame rail are welded (1). Alternative locations include the rear frame rail and the center of the front cross member. Know that jacking at any location other than the recommended jacking points may cause significant damage to the vehicle frame and body.

Jack points

5. Remove the wheel nuts and cone washers (for vehicles with factory steel wheels).

6. Remove the wheel.

Wheel Installation
Improperly installed wheels can adversely affect tire wear and vehicle handling, which can result in serious injury or death. Always ensure that all nuts are torqued to specification. Do not service axle nuts that have a cotter pin installed. Your authorized GEM Dealer can provide service.

To install a new tire:

1. Set the park brake.

2. Place the wheel in the correct position on the wheel hub. Be sure the valve stem is toward the outside and rotation arrows on the tire point toward forward rotation.

3. Attached the wheel nuts and finger tighten. For vehicles with steel wheels, install cone washer and then install new lug nuts. With hand tools, lightly tighten the nuts. To ensure that the washers fully seat in the wheel taper, use your other hand to position and center the wheel, if necessary.

4. Carefully lower the vehicle to the ground.

5. Torque the wheel nuts to specification in the same criss-cross pattern as shown below. The wheel nut torque for 13-inch steel wheels is 50 ft-lbs (67.8 Nm). For 14-inch cast aluminum wheels it is 63 ft-lbs (85.4 Nm). For the GEM eM1400 LSV, the wheel nut torque is 60 ft-lbs (81.3 Nm).

GEM wheel

Note that a falling vehicle can cause serious injury or death. Never place any part of your body under an elevated vehicle. If you need access to the bottom of the vehicle, use automotive jack stands to support the vehicle on a firm, level surface. Your authorized GEM Dealer can assist.

For more information, see your authorized GEM Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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