Facilities Maintenance

Enhance productivity with a made-to-order GEM® vehicle. From ground work to maintenance to security, GEM delivers a hard-working, sustainable mobility tool.

The Smarter Way to WorkTM


Low Cost of Maintenance with GEM
Low Cost of Ownership
With an operating cost of $0.03 per mile, GEM stands out against gas vehicles as a perfect solution for reducing operating and maintenance costs.
Sustainability with GEM
GEM vehicles are completely powered by renewable energy, meaning that you will see a smaller refueling cost to your fleet while shrinking your carbon footprint.
Right Tool for the Job with GEM
Right Tool for the Job
With a wide range of interior and exterior options backed by a factory warranty, you can configure your GEM to get your job done right.
 Reduce Vehicle Costs with GEM.   See how much your business can save.
Grounds Maintenance

With a carrying capacity of up to 1,400 lbs and numerous utility accessories, GEM is ideal for grounds maintenance.

Indoor & Outdoor Hauling
GEM is an electric vehicle, meaning you can haul gear both indoors and outdoors.
GEM is both designed for stop and go driving and has options such as the amber light bar, perfect for security patrols.