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GEM® eM® 1400 LSV

The GEM eM 1400 LSV is a rugged, hard-working, street legal vehicle, delivering 1,400 lb payload and 1,250 lb towing capacities without sacrificing comfort or quality. Count on the eM 1400 LSV for the big jobs.

Starting at $12,049 US MSRP
*Does not include freight and setup.
Standard Features
Work in Comfort
Work in Comfort

With superior suspension, comfortable seats, optional doors, and heater, GEM eM 1400 LSV offers maximum comfort.

Safety Features
Safety Features

GEM vehicles come with standard safety features such as 3 point safety belts, backup camera, 4 wheel disc brakes and street rated tires.

Street Legal
Street Legal

The eM 1400 LSV is a street legal vehicle, meaning that you can travel from jobsite to jobsite with ease.

Sustainable Transportation
Sustainable Transportation
GEM vehicles are electrically powered, making them a sustainable alternative to gas powered trucks and vans.
Towing and Hauling
Towing and Hauling

With a payload capacity of 1,400 lbs and a towing capacity of 1,250 lbs, the GEM eM 1400 LSV can haul some serious equipment.


The GEM eM 1400 LSV offers numerous carrier and cab options, and Lock & Ride® accessories to improve productivity.

 Reduce Vehicle Costs with GEM.   See how much your business can save.

* Contact your local dealer for additional details on the 1-year ESC

** Does not include freight and setup

*** Not all packages are compliant with state laws, please contact your local dealer for compliance rules and regulations

Market Applications

GEM vehicles have a wide variety of applications that apply to numerous markets  learn how you can use your eM 1400 LSV.

Colleges & Universities
Sustainably and reliably transport students and faculty or haul gear and equipment around campus with GEM.
Facilities Maintenance
With up to 1,400 lbs of payload and street-legal safety features, haul your gear across campus with GEM.
Deliver an exceptional guest experience with GEM's quiet, all-electric power and premium comfort features.
Customize Your GEM
In addition to standard safety and comfort features, GEM offers additional options to make your vehicle perfect for the job.
Customize your GEM eM1400 LSV
eM1400 LSV Poly Cab Parts

1. Door & Roof

eM1400 LSV Maintenance Free Batteries

2. Maintenance Free Batteries

eM1400 LSV Lock & Ride Boxes

3. Lock & Ride®

eM1400 LSV Removable Box Sides

4. Removable Box Sides

eM1400 LSV Electric Bed Tilt

5. Electric Bed Tilt