Standard Features

Street Legal

Street Legal

GEM has DOT required features to be street legal on roads posted up to 35 mph in most states and provinces.

Exceptional Passenger Experience

Exceptional Experience

Transport your passengers with style and comfort. GEM e6 has extra legroom, high back seats and almost 6 inches of suspension travel to make for a memorable ride.

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

GEM vehicles have low maintenance costs and an average operating cost of $0.03 per mile, significantly lower than full size combustion vehicles like trucks or vans.

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation

With all-electric power, not only does GEM save you money, it appeals to an ever-growing environmentally-conscious customer base.

Safety Features

Safety Features

GEM vehicles come standard with an automotive grade windshield, 3 pt seatbelts, LED turn signals, and other safety features to make your ride feel more secure.



GEM offers numerous options such as cargo carriers, batteries, and doors to make your GEM perfectly fit your application.

Market Applications

GEM vehicles have a wide variety of applications that apply to numerous markets  learn how you can use your e6.

Colleges & Universities

Sustainably and reliably transport students and faculty or haul gear and equipment around campus with GEM.

Shuttles & Tours

Shuttles & Tours
GEM is street legal so you can easily transport prospective students, faculty, or any other passengers.

Urban Mobility

GEM will help you transport people around campus or across town comfortably, sustainably, and efficiently.

Customize Your GEM

In addition to standard safety and comfort features, GEM offers additional options to make your vehicle perfect for the job.
Customize your GEM e6
e6 Fast Chargers

1. Fast Chargers

e6 Bumpers

2. Bumpers

e6 Aluminum Wheels

3. Aluminum Wheels

e6 Half Doors

4. Full Doors

e6 S-box

5. S-Box