Reduce Vehicle Costs with GEM.   See how much your business can save.

The Smarter Way to Move

GEM® Markets & Applications

Drive, shuttle, haul and work with confidence using a GEM vehicle built for your applicaton. 

Passenger and Utility Vehicles

When it comes to moving people and cargo with ease and efficiency, GEM offers  a collection of vehicle solutions to fit your needs.
Passenger Vehicles

Transport people around campuses, facilities or neighborhoods in distinctive comfort with GEM's spacious, ergonomic design and street-legal safety features.

Utility Vehicles

With up to 1,400 lbs of payload, count on GEM to get the job done efficiently, economically, and sustainably. 

Why GEM is the Smarter Way to Move
  • Premium Comfort
  • More Standard Safety Features
  • All Electric-Power
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Just $.03 per mile **
  • Customized for your Application
GEM for Comfort, Safety, and Sustainability

** Electricity cost based on average energy price of electricity (per kWh) in United States. Average costs based on independent research.


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