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GEM Battery Warranty Policies

Below are the warranty policies for GEM batteries. More warranty information is available in your Owner's Manual.

Flooded or Gel Batteries 
For vehicles up to and including Model Year 2011, a one-year warranty exists. This applies to vehicles with less than 8,000 miles (12,900 km). For the first five months in service, 100 percent of the retail cost of a GEM-approved battery is covered. For the sixth through ninth months, 75 percent of the retail cost is covered. And for the 10th through 12th months, 50 percent of the retail cost is covered.
For vehicles of Model Year 2012 and later, the warranty for defects in material and workmanship exists for two years or 8,000 miles, whichever comes first. For the first six months in service, 100 percent of the retail cost of an approved GEM battery at a GEM Dealer is covered. Mileage is unlimited for the first sixth months. For months 7-12, 75 percent is covered provided the warranty limit of 8,000 miles has not been reached. For months 13-18, 50 percent is covered. And for months 19-24, 25 percent is covered.

Lithium-Ion Batteries 
A warranty exists for five years or 30,000 miles (48,300 km), whichever comes first.

Replacement Batteries 
A one-year warranty exists.

Warranties only apply to defective workmanship or materials under normal use. See your GEM Dealer for warranty exceptions. Warranties start on the date of purchase. The customer must provide the dealer with a copy of the receipt verifying the purchase date.
If you purchased a battery online through the GEM website and need to warranty it, please contact your GEM Dealership. If you purchased the battery online and NOT through GEM, the warranty policies and procedures must be addressed through the website you purchased from. GEM does not warranty items that were not purchased directly through us.
GEM reserves the right to inspect any product before granting a warranty claim. Batteries must be fully charged before they can be evaluated. Only the defective battery in a set will be replaced, not the entire set of batteries. The cost of labor, transportation, service calls, battery installation, recharges or the use of rental batteries are not covered.

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