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Urban Mobility

Move people and cargo efficiently while meeting sustainability goals. All-electric, street-legal GEM® vehicles offer a unique alternative to traditional full size vehicles or golf carts. See why GEM is The Smarter Way to WorkTM.

Learn how businesses win with GEM


Exceptional Experience with GEM
Exceptional Experience

GEM vehicles stand out for their ease of accessibility, spacious interior, and comfortable ride. With 14 cm (5.6 in) of suspension travel, front disc brakes, and optional electronic power steering, the ride is outstanding.

Sustainable Savings with GEM
Sustainable Savings

GEM vehicles operate on 100% electric energy, making them a sustainable, cost-efficient, and low cost transportation option. At $.03 per mile ** operating cost, GEM provides a significantly lower cost option from traditional vans, cars, and trucks.

 Reduce Vehicle Costs with GEM.   See how much your business can save.
First Mile & Last Mile
First Mile & Last Mile

Whether it's a tight turn or narrow road, GEM can get to your destination efficiently and sustainability.

Delivery Vehicles
Delivery Vehicles

With a 635 kg (1,400 lb) payload and low cost of operation, GEM eL XD has what  it takes to be the optimal delivery vehicle.

Facilities Maintenance
Personal Transportation

Drive to the grocery store or cruise around the neighborhood in comfort with GEM.

** Electricity cost based on average energy price of electricity (per kWh) in United States. Average costs based on independent research.