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The Smarter Way to Move™

2010's Era

2022: GEM Purchased by Waev Inc.

GEM, along with Taylor-Dunn, are now a part of Waev Inc.  

2017: Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence

GEM Moves Production to Anaheim, CA

To take advantage of synergies with the newly acquired Taylor-Dunn, a leading provider of electric vehicles in the industrial market, GEM moves its production from Milford, IA to Anaheim, CA.

2015's Era

2015: All-New Polaris® GEM®

The Smarter Way to Move®

True to GEM's all-electric LSV heritage, the all-new GEM was Polaris-engineered for a premium ride. It features a more spacious interior with the same compact footprint, and an updated, distinctive design.  

2011's Era

2011: Finds a New Home

A New Member in the Polaris Family

GEM was acquired by Polaris Industries - marking a pivotal point in its history.

Polaris would use GEM as one of the centerpieces of its Work & Transportation division combining Polaris' strength in product innovation with the market leading electrica LSV brand. GEM production was moved to Milford, IA.

2006's Era

2000-2006: A Time of Growth

GEM Grows its Model Lineup

GEM reached major milestones from 2000 - 2006. During this time period, new models were being at a rapid pace. Some of these models include the e4, eL XD and the e6 - all of which are still sold today. A 2005 redesign included front disc brakes and digital driver information display.

In 2006, GEM vehicles were used for transportation at the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg Russia.

2000's Era

2000: GEM Enters the Big Show

Daimler Chrysler Shows Interest in GEM

After only two years in the market, GEM is acquired by Daimler Chrysler. With its vast dealer network and production scale, GEM became the LSV market leader producing more than 45,000 cars.

1998's Era

1998: The Beginning of GEM

The Birth of the Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV)

Engineered for both street and turf use, the original GEM vision was to fill a space in the market between a golf cart and a full-size automobile. GEM would benefit from the new NHTSA motor vehicle class designation of low-speed vehicles (LSV) which allowed GEMs to be driven on roads with up to 35 mph (50 km/h) posted speed limits. Produced in Fargo, ND, C11GEM was the first US-manufactured NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle).