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Electric Vehicles Hum Forward at GEM

Electric Vehicles Hum Forward at GEM


November 1, 2018 


The following article appeared in the November issue of The Anaheim Business Connection. To learn more, visit their website.


Polaris GEM, one of the world’s leading innovators of electric vehicles, is also one of Anaheim’s most successful manufacturers. GEM is the first commercially produced low speed vehicle in the U.S. Its passenger and utility electric vehicles are sustainable and economical, with zero emissions and low operating costs. GEM and Taylor-Dunn are subsidiaries of Polaris Industries, a world leader in mobility. Both vehicle brands are manufactured at Polaris’ electric vehicle center of excellence in Anaheim.


GEM vehicles are used to move people in innovative ways from moving goods in the country’s largest and fastest growing warehouses to transporting people and products through the world’s largest entertainment centers (including, yes, Disneyland Resorts, Anaheim Convention Center and Angel Stadium of Anaheim). GEM is driving America towards a Smarter Way to Move.


“Anaheim’s history of innovation and imagination is legendary, and Polaris GEM feels right at home as one of the city’s most forward-thinking firms,” said Polaris Commercial and Government Vice President and General Manager Keith Simon. “As GEM continues to experience dramatic growth, it draws top talent from around the U.S. and employs hundreds who are proud and passionate about making the world more sustainable.”


The success of Polaris GEM’s Anaheim facility is impressive. As one of the city’s largest manufacturers, it turns raw materials to finished electric cars on its safety- conscious assembly line. The GEM facility also houses the company’s services, supply chain distribution, accounting, purchasing, sales, design, and engineering departments.


GEM Facts:

  • Anaheim is the Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence for Polaris GEM
  • Over the past 12 months, GEM has doubled employees and production in Anaheim.
  • Polaris currently has 260 employees and is actively hiring in Anaheim.
  • Polaris produces over 7,500 vehicles a year in Anaheim.
  • GEM is a make to order business with over 60 different models for a wide range of jobs.
  • GEM vehicles are sold to buyers around the world, with the West Coast its largest market.
  • Replacing a combustion engine vehicle with a GEM can save up to $25,000 per vehicle over a seven-year span. Large fleets could save millions of dollars.
  • Replacing one compact car with one GEM would have the same effect in reducing carbon dioxide output as twenty-one, 50-year-old oak trees.


Because GEM vehicles are visually distinctive with premium styling, innovative and customizable, they are also used for a broad range of public uses, including colleges and government. Visit Polaris GEM's website for more information on its products.


Look for Anaheim's Community & Economic Development Department to soon make a major transportation announcement regarding GEM.