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Different by Design

The Leader in Electric, Street-Legal Personal Transportation

Get Around Your Neighborhood

All-electric GEM vehicles are great for quick drives around the neighborhood, family trips to the beach and nights on the town.

Better than a Golf Cart

While it may resemble golf cart at a quick glance, GEM vehicles are equipped with several safety features required to be classified as a low-speed vehicle.

Smart Power to Move You

With a selection of versatile battery and charging options to fit your range requirements, your GEM will always be ready to move when you need it.

GEM Vehicle Lineup


The smallest footprint and most nimble performance for a tight turn radius.


Stand out with four forward-facing seats, safety belts and plenty of legroom.


Accomodate extra passengers without compromising comfort.

GEM Commercial Vehicles

GEM utility and passenger vehicles are the safe, sustainable, cost-efficient way to move people and cargo on campus and in your community.